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Game of Thrones Lines, Quotes and Moments

When I think about my favorite moments in the game of Thrones show, they are usually related to the quotes from the scenes. Of course, acting is great, but the lines really get me. That’s why I was so thrilled when I ran into this article. It got me thinking about my favorite moments and quotes from the show. So, without wasting your time, here they are.

There was never going to be a happy ending for Jon Snow and Ygritte, was there? He was a spy for the Nights Watch, she was a fiery free woman loyal to Mance Rayder. He broke his vows then broke her heart when he turned on the wildlings and returned to the Wall. And yet we always hoped there would be some kind of resolution for them. Maybe they'd bury their differences, except they loved each other, and fight side by s-- ooh, good one Ollie, you little shit!

This is one of the show's most tragic deaths. It didn't have to happen. it's perpetrated by a character desperate to have rewrite a previous wrong, who thought he was doing the right thing, and it's more than a demise of a person, it's the death of the love story.

Oh, Olly you giant tool bag!

I toyed with the idea of including Jon Snow's resurrection here, but his death actually had way more impact. Having made the unpopular, but only realistic decision to allow the wildlings through the wall Jon Snow suddenly became a bit of a pain in Castle Black. But few expected him to be lured out into the snow and stabbed to death by his sworn brothers. Maybe you expected it from Thorne and his cronies. but Ollie what the hell are you doing?!

If you’d like more GoT quotes like these, check out this awesome page.

Ned Stark

The moment when Ned Stark loses his head was the first time in Game of Thrones where it became clear that anything goes. No one is safe in this show. The bad guys can win and all our hopes will be dashed at the last second, again, and again, and again. Here Ned swallows his honor to save his life and protect his family, but Joffrey has him executed anyway, instantly elevating him from little s**t to villain number one. It has massive implications for the rest of the show, and we're still feeling the repercussions in season seaven, as The North struggles to pick up the pieces of the lost Stark family. It felt big at the time, but this was probably the most significant moment in the whole show.

The Hound

The scene that feels maximum Hound is where he bumps into a bunch of Lannister men in an inn and they all have an altercation over chicken. It's the perfect example of why the Hound is a fan fave. He's aggressive and has a devil-may-care attitude, but is also eloquent and wisp of it a decent guy beneath all the buster. Come on, really, who can forget this line:

  • You don't seem to understand the situation.
  • I understand that if any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth I'm gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room.


Hodor sacrifice at the end of the door in season six not only cements his position as one of the most noble loveable characters in the whole damn show, it also answers one of the big questions we've been asking for more than 50 episodes: why does Hodor say „Hodor“? When the revelation comes, it gives us both a tragic realization of what's happening, and a sense that everything Hodor has done in the show has been leading up to this singular point. It's smart storytelling at its best, a heroic end to a much loved character, and easily one of the show's most emotional scenes.

So, that’s it folks. Hope you like it. If you want more, check this out. If not, see you around anyways.

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